• What do I need to bring with me when I come to pick up the Vehicle?

    A.Please bring following things with you when you come to pick up Hire Vehicle at Low Cost Rental.

    • Driving Licence
    • $300 Cash Deposit/ Rental Bond
    • Credit Card- to Pay Hire Charges

    Please note all hire charges must be paid in front before you pick up vehicle.

  • How much is the deposit?

    At Low Cost Rental we only charge $300 deposit For Customer Convenience. This deposit will be refunded when vehicle is returned and all charges are paid.

  • Do your Vehicles have insurance?

    Yes, At Low Cost Rental All vehicles are insured. However we recommend customers to take insurance excess reduction to avoid higher amount of insurance excess.

  • How much is Insurance Excess and reduced Excess?

    At Low Cost Rental Standard Insurance Excess for Driver aged 25 years and above is $3750. This can be reduced $750 by paying $20 per day / per hire.

  • Can I Change Hire Duration after I pick up Vehicles?

    Hire Duration Can NOT be changed once you leave pick up location. However you can always call us on 02 9797 6778 and pay for extension to enjoy longer hire period.

  • Is Fuel Cost Included in Hire Charges?

    No, Hire Charges does not include fuel cost. All vehicles fuel must be refilled at pick up location.

  • What is Opening hours at Low Cost Rental?

    Some Locations are open 24hrs. Please check with relevant Hire location for opening hours.

  • Can I Return vehicle to different location (One Way Hire)?

    No, we do not provide one way hire facility. You cannot return vehicles to different location. Vehicles must be returned to same location where you picked up Vehicle Originally.

  • What is the minimum age required to hire a vehicle?

    You must be at least 21 years age and less than 75 years old to hire vehicles from Low Cost Rental.

  • Can I hire vehicles on Overseas Licence?

    Yes, At Low Cost Rental one Can Hire vehicles with Overseas Licence. However the licence must be written in English. We also need Residential Proof Such as Utility Bill, Rental Lease agreement or Bank Statement.

  • Can someone not listed on Hire Agreement drive Vehicle?

    No, At Low Cost Rental Only Driver listed on Hire Agreement is allowed to drive vehicle. Please note- Our Insurance Company does not provide cover if driver not listed drive hire vehicle.

  • How does is the toll charges charged?

    At Low Cost rental- Toll Charges are not included in hire charges. Hirer is responsible to pay all Charges. Hirer need to arrange e-tag or tall passes during hire duration. Processing fee will be charged for any toll notices received by Low Cost Rental to transfer the toll notice to Hirer’s name