Helpful Tips for Loading a Rental Van and Where to Find Budget Moving Van Hire in Sydney

When you rent a moving van, it will be designed to hold a certain volume of items. It’s essential to have an idea of which size vehicle will suit your needs, and you can usually discuss this with the company for professional advice. However, even if you pick a perfectly-sized vehicle for the things you need to move, you can still run into problems if you don’t load the truck or van correctly. Many people do not know how to pack their things efficiently, and this can result in wasted space in the vehicle and not being able to fit everything inside. Keep the following tips in mind for efficient loading and packing to ensure that you have plenty of room for everything and can make the fewest trips possible.

Think about what to load first

Some people prefer to maximise space by creating a wall of boxes against the wall of the truck; others think it’s better to load large items such as furniture first to ensure that you have enough room for them. Either method can work fine, but if you have a lot of boxes of about the same size, stacking them against a wall first may be the best way to use the space you have efficiently. You can load boxes from ceiling to floor but be sure to use ties to secure them and keep them from falling. No matter how you load your van, try to distribute the weight evenly to make loading and unloading easier and to help make the vehicle easier to control on the road.

Disassembling items

Some pieces of furniture such as tables may take up too much space if not taken apart. A table is easy to disassemble; just remove the legs, and then you can pack the table flat against the wall of the truck, and it will take up hardly any room at all. If you can’t disassemble a large table, consider loading it first and stacking boxes on and underneath it.

Take advantage of bookshelves

You should take books from shelves to move them; otherwise, you risk an avalanche. However, you can use your bookshelves to pack smaller boxes and other small items. Loading up the shelves with small boxes helps you make the best use of the most space possible.

Loading mirrors and pictures

Mirrors and pictures are very fragile and may break if you place them in the back of the van. A great solution is to wrap these items and slide them between two mattresses. This method accomplishes two things at once. First, it optimises your space and second, it protects your valuable and breakable items.

Where to find budget van rental in Sydney

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