Tips for Utility Vehicle Rental and Where to Find Cheap Van, Truck, and Ute Hire in Sydney

If you are making a move to a new home or just have some heavy furniture or other equipment you need to transport, you may need to rent a van or another vehicle. It’s important to find cheap van hire in Sydney but also to choose a reliable company with good vehicles. At Low Cost Rental, that’s what we do. Just as our name suggests, we offer cheap van rental in Sydney as well as utes for your moving needs. If you haven’t rented a vehicle before, don’t worry – it’s easy. Here are some tips for having a happy moving day.

Reserve your vehicle in advance

Make your vehicle reservation early to avoid getting caught at the last minute without the van or truck you need. Be sure to contact us well in advance of your moving day to ensure that the vehicle you need will be available. However, should you realise that you forgot to reserve your vehicle and it’s the last minute, give us a call – sometimes cancellations free up utes or vans for last-minute requests.

Know what size you need

When you’re looking for cheap ute hire in Sydney, you’ll also need to know what size will fulfil your needs. There are different sizes of vehicles available for different jobs. Our vans are 1.37m x 1.27m x 2.6m with a load capacity of one tonne. Our utes also have a load capacity of one tonne and a tray size of 1.7m x 2.4m.

Check the rates

Different companies have different rates as well as various methods for charging customers; some charge by the hour, some by the day or week. Find out exactly how payments work before you commit so that you can find the best deal and plan your move. At Low Cost Rental, we have rates for the hour, day, week as well as special long-term rental rates as needed. Our prices are extremely competitive and include the use of our reliable, well-maintained vehicles and 24-hour roadside assistance.

Make sure you’re comfortable driving the vehicle

If your regular car is small, it can be tricky to transition to a ute or van. See if you can sit in the rental vehicle to get a feel for what it will be like to drive it. If you have experience driving larger vehicles, that’s great. If you don’t – and you don’t feel comfortable driving one now – consider asking a friend who does have this experience to drive the vehicle for you.

Cheap ute hire in Sydney at Low Cost Rental

Low Cost Rental currently has two convenient locations to serve more customers. With 12 years’ industry experience, we’ve developed a reputation for being reliable, prompt, and affordable. We are available 24 hours a day to help meet your need for cheap truck hire in Sydney. With low rates, quick processing times, and excellent service, we make vehicle rental easy. Contact Low Cost Rental to learn more.